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Monday, 23 June 2014

Soft kitty, Warm kitty. Little ball of fur.

Hey there my little kidlets!

Sailing away with my world Kitties by MishMish.
I love these kittys and every time I see them I want to sing the soft kitty song.
I am a little bias when it comes to these kittys because MishMish made a Sydney one and it helps that it has an adorable tiny kitty in its pouch!
Seriously though these are so cute and If you haven't gotten your collection from the Arcade, You best hurry!

Ok its time to travel around the gird some more with my kittys, Hope to see you all soon. Bye Bye!!!

Little look of the day #11

Skin: VCO - Skin - Yuri - pure
Hair: (Chemistry) - Buttons 2 - blunt bangs - (Not Rigged) - (Marketplace)
 Eyes: .tsg. - Luminate - Ice Blue
Shape: Mine - Not for sale

Bag: Tee*fy - The Unusual Bags - ToothSet Pink - @Arcade

Shirt: Little Closet - Basic T-Shirts - White


Rat: Alchemy - Rat Familiar - Patch - RARE - (Old Gotcha Item)

Bubble Beans *coming soon* - If you would like it please im me and ask.

Stage: <:*BoOgErS*:> - Backyard Stage Wood - (Old FLF Item)
Cupboard: *MishMish* - Traveler Shelf - RARE - @Arcade
Kittys: *MishMish* - Kitty in Sydney
                         *MishMish* - Traveler Kitty - RARE
           *MishMish* - Kitty in Kyoto
                *MishMish* - Kitty in Moscow
                 *MishMish* - Kitty in Acapulco
           *MishMish* - Kitty in Delhi
                          *MishMish* - Kitty in Buenos Aires
                 *MishMish* - Kitty in Honolulu
                *MishMish* - Kitty in London
            *MishMish* - Kitty in Paris
               *MishMish* - Kitty in Naples
             *MishMish* - Kitty in Cairo
                    *MishMish* - Kitty in New York


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