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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

But he was still hungry

Hey there my little kidltes!

I love the messy look as a kid on SL, There needs to be more of it.
This ice cream from Say Cheese was a must have of the recent Woodlands Gotcha.
(Although the Rare Choc Sprinkles one still got away from me T_T)

The new pet around my neck is so cute and made by Just Kidding for the Fiction and Fables event at heritage.
I am not sure about you but the Hungry hungry caterpillar was one of my most loved books throughout my childhood.
I was beyond happy when it was announced as the them and the designers did not disappoint.
SO be sure to check it out.

New Chapter Four open and as soon as I rezzed my eyes fell upon the Oh LaLa gotcha, Try as I may I couldn't catch the wish.
Thinking I would have to give up as my pocket money was all gone, My best friend got her father (Known to those as the Gotcha King) to try his luck and sure enough within minutes I was one lucky girl to have had a wish land in my inventory. <3

I have some candy by Sprout stuck in my hair for later and put on my cute new shorts from Minuet, (Found at the current Family Flea Market event) and I was ready to face the world one sticky child hand at a time.
Mission of the day.... See how many things I can make sticky before anyone notices.

Little look of the day #6

Skin: VCO - Skin - Yuri - pure
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Megumi - Chocolate
 Eyes: .tsg. - Luminate - Ice Blue
Shape: Mine - Not for sale

Hair Candy: Sprout. - Hair Candy - (Marketplace)
Ice Cream: [SC] - Cherry - Ice Cream - (Gotcha Item) - @Woodlands
Earrings: .Pekka. - Kawaii pink - GOLD - (Gotcha Item)

Shirt: :BB: - Owl Family Shirt - @ATLT
Shorts: Minute - Belt Shorts - White - @FFM
Stockings: Turducken - Cable Knit Socks - (Gotcha Item)
Shoes: {SB} - Miesha Sandal - (Part of an outfit) - (Marketplace)


Caterpillarjk - Caterpillar Plushie - Pink - @F&F
Plant Baby: Various *MishMish* - A Baby Plant - Rezz - (Old Arcade Item)

Click.Classic 3

Sign: Oh la la! - :: Wish! :: - RARE - (Gotcha Item) - @TCF
Rug: Izzie's - Sculpted Rug white - (Marketplace)
Play Box: flowey - self picnic - violet - no grass - (Old C88 Item)


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