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Friday, 9 May 2014

What are little girls made of, Sugar and Spice and all things nice!

Hey there my little kidltes!

I am just hanging around eatting all the naughty sweets while my mum Rose is busy working on hair.
Nom Nom Noms.
Did you ever lay on a seat as a kid and dangle upside down? I use to love watching tv like it.
Oh noes tummy ache!!!! I shouldn't have eaten so much candy and I bet mum makes me take a bath when she sees me as I have candy all stuck in my hair.
Buuuuuuut that candy is for later when I get hungry!
Featured on this blog are the Family Flea Market Event and Woodland Gotcha Event, Which are two of my monthly highlights.
So much work goes into Family Flea Market set up and I more than love it each time, Can't wait to see where we travel to next!

These Bunnies by Little Closet made me so happy, I wanted to cover my house in them!
I had to collect them all!
Along with the Snips and Snails backpacks, They look so cute and yummy I wanted to eat them not careing that they are not eat-able. (Mum says how do I know I don't like something unless I try it)

The new outfit from That's So Kyoot really pulled this all together for me, The perfect outfit for lazing around eatting til I got a fat tummy. (There are glasses with this outfit to but not featured in this picture.)

Ok time to hide before mum makes me have that bath.

Little look of the day #4

Skin: .Birdy. - Maisie Skin - ~Pure~ - (Bare) - VIP gift - (Group cost 50L)
Hair: tram - C409 hair - brown
 Eyes: .tsg. - Luminate - Ice Blue
Shape: Mine - Not for sale

Tongue: Ohmai - Emporium - Every Flavored Bean - (Rainbow) - (Gotcha) -@MM
Hair Candy: S&B - Hair Sprinkles - ( I LOVE CANDY ) - (Gotcha)
Earrings: Blah. - My Cute Heart Earrings - White
Bangle: {k} - Jordan - Bracelets - (Part of a outfit) - NEW!
Messy Mouth: {Sugar Heart} - Messy Mouth - *tintable*

Shirt: {k} - Jordan - Cardigan - Blue - (Part of a outfit) - NEW!
Jeans: {k} - Jordan - Jeans Hud - (Part of a outfit) - NEW!
Socks: *BABY* - Princesa - ToddleeDoo - {Socks Cuff} - White - (Marketplace)
Shoes: {k} - Jordan - Sneaker - (Part of a outfit) - NEW!


Chubby Bunnies: - NEW!
Little Closet - Chubby Bunnies - Cookie - (Gotcha) - @Woodlands
Little Closet - Chubby Bunnies - Cinnamon Roll - (Gotcha) - @Woodlands
Little Closet - Chubby Bunnies - Donut - (Gotcha) - @Woodlands
Little Closet - Chubby Bunnies - Strawberry - (Gotcha) - @Woodlands

Bubble Beans - *Coming soon* - (If you want this Im me please.)

Bag: .S&S. - Sweetie Backpacks - Delight Cake - (Gotcha) - @Woodlands - NEW!
Seat: BananaN - Kawaii armchair Clouds (Part of a set) - (Marketplace)
Lollypops: -Marmelade- - Lollipop Heart/Swrily/Flower (Part of the candyshop set)
Cake: {PiPo} - Little Sweet Treats - <Cake> - RARE (Gotcha)
Choc Strawberry Box:  -Marmelade- - (Part of the candyshop set)
Poster: *. emm - happy friends <3 - @FFM
Play Box: flowey - self picnic - violet - no grass - (Old C88 Item)


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