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Sunday, 11 May 2014

I Love Mud

Hey there my little kidltes!

Oh noes I think I have really done it this time, I think Mum is really going to make me have a bath now!
I have been doing some gardening you see, I might have sort of kinda maybe left the tap on?
Shhh it's our little secret and when she asks, We will tell her Gimpy did it. (His the owl)
But seriously I had so much fun doing this and what kid doesn't like getting dirty.

Family Flea Market has to be one of my favourite kid events to hit the gird, Not only is it amazing with the environment but the designers blow my little mind.
Wimey brought out these cute little buddy owls who are made to hold, However you can rez them and have them sitting around.
Also Snips and Snails represented with this set of dirty, Gimpy Shirt and shorts... Hard to pass up on those.

The beanie is also from Snips and Snails and I modded and created a hair to go under it with the bangs from boon.

Last but not least is the pose store Click., This girl knows how to put the fun in being a kid and has some of the best poses out there to help create those special moments.
Mine just happen to be mischief making.
Ok, I best go hide and leave Gimpy to take the blame!
That or maybe mum will be so busy with creating for her up coming events I will escape a bath and the trouble?
Wishful thinking on my behalf, But might happen.

Little look of the day #5

Skin: VCO - Skin - Yuri - pure
Hair: booN - hairpieces KOKU99 - brown
 Eyes: .tsg. - Luminate - Ice Blue
Shape: Mine - Not for sale
Tattooo1: Little Nerds - Mud Disaster - Face - (Part of a set)
Tattoo2: jk - Ouchies and Oopsies - TD APPLIER - Muddy Knees - RARE

Beanie: .S&S. - Slouch Beanie - Forest - (Gotcha Item)
Candy: *Sanu - Star Lollipop - (green) - (Gotcha Item) - (Store closed for now)
Butterflys: *Sanu - Tiny Butterfly - (Gotcha Item) - (Store closed for now)

Shirt: .S&S. - Graphic Tee - Cool Cat - Chalk - @FFM
Shorts: .S&S. - Worn Jeans Shorts - Reg. Wash - @FFM


Kitten: .Birdy. - Pocket pet - {Kitten} - Brown - (Gotcha Item) - (Old Chapter Four Item)
Snail: .click. - Little Gardener - 3 - (Gotcha Item)
Owl: Wimey - Gimpy the Owl - @FFM

Click. -  .click. - Little Gardener - 2 - (Gotcha Item)

Tree: DDD - Orchard Tree - Apples - (Old Home Show event item)
Pots/SeedPackets/Shovel: .click. - Little Gardener - 2 - (Gotcha Item) - (Props from the pose)
Sign:{PB} - My First Garden Kit - (Marketplace)
Puddle: ++NODe++ - Rainy Puddle 01 - (Part of a weather system)
Box of garden stuff: {PB} - My First Garden Kit - (Marketplace)
Play Box: flowey - self picnic - violet - no grass - (Old C88 Item)


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